Interact with and continue to evolve the work             Copy genotype above and email to me Here

Evolve-it is a simple genetic programming java applet that uses the same gene set that made the art work from Evolving Darwin's Gaze. I have also seeded it with paintings from the show. This applet, however, does not use the evolutionary pressures of Darwin resemblance and creative exploration. Instead you, the interactor, decide what to keep evolving (i.e. aesthetic selection).

If you like a work you have evolved, you can drag over it, which will display that paintings genome in the text field below. You are then free to copy and paste painting genomes - to save and load paintings and continue the evolving process. Additionally below is a zip file of many of the portraits and their genomes from the Evolving Darwin Gaze work. Feel free to "marry" any paintings with each other making emergent offspring. To do so, unzip the file to a folder, find the painting(s) you like, open its associative *.gen file into a text editor and copy/paste it back in the evolve-it text field. Feel free to email the artist your created work.

DiPaola "Darwin Gaze' Genomes" (1.7Mb zip file)